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Diane Perry, Owner of LaQuinta Property Management

Ive used other website companies before and OnDemand Website knows how to design our site and market our business successfully. Dont chance your business with anyone else.

Dwight Norris , CEO of RETC.

My experience with OnDemand Website has been nothing but positive and constructive for my business.They has produced for me attractive design and efficient function in my website.They handle problems quickly and helps my company make money. Above all, OnDemand Website is a Company of integrity whom I can and do trust with my business.

Dwight Norris
Norris Live Real Estate Exam Prep

Christina Kazadzis , Owner of AirBrush Touch

A professional looking website goes a long way in any industry, but ever
since 2003, my business has tripled thanks to the image OnDemand helped me create. I can see where my advertising dollars are working with the webstat tracking and I love the ease of maintaining my own site. I know my website is a big part of my success and image.

Vincent Curiel , CTO of Iron Wok Bistro

We spent millions on our restaurnt design and needed to have a website that looks like a million bucks. OnDemand Website delivered that. I asked for the WOW Factor and got it. Much thanks to everyone at OnDemand Website.


Jenny Livits , Owner Pink Lagoon Boutique

On Demand Website worked tirelessly with us to get our website exactly how we wanted it and they continue to do so as we grow our online boutique. They have great customization services. If you can think of it, they can do it. Their customer service is great. I often feel as though I'm their only client. I highly recommend their services for anyone ready to launch an online business or to have any kind of presence on the internet.

Jenny Livits

Lauren Grant , Founder of Hungry Heart

To OnDemand Website Team,

I would like to say thank you to Hien Trang, of Ondemand Website and his team for creating our interactive comprehensive website. My website involves many intricate components and Hien and his team worked for many extra weeks to ensure our website works well. He invested many late evenings and weekends taking my calls and working on our website to ensure everything worked properly. His response time to handle any of my needs has always been immediate. I've always felt like a very appreciated client. The feedback I've gotten from clients and professionals about the design has been extremely positive. My clients and franchisees have been very impressed with all of the sites capabilities. Hien has always been willing to go the extra mile to make sure I am a happy customer. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone looking to have a simple or very complex website built. If you would like to contact me directly for any further questions I am certainly available to share more about our experience with Ondemand Website.

Lauren Grant

Rudy Wattachinda, Founder of Debt Zeros Finance

After using 2 different website companies who didnt do anything right I finally found a company that knows what they are doing and designed me a much better site for less.  Take my advice use OnDemand Website to save you time and money.

Dr. Henry Kikunaga, Owner of Choice Vision

OnDemand Website is the "Go To" place to get your website done and related business items!!! They designed my website & logo for my business with no problems, no glitches, and no hassles! They were very professional and easy to work with. If there were any problems or changes that came up, they were only a call or e-mail away. They were very good with their correspondence and helped me out in every way related with the website to help my business grow.
The person who designed my business logo did it on the very first draft and I loved it. So good that there were no changes that needed to be done because it was what I had envisioned for my logo and encompassed the brand name.
Since I have used their services, they have added more services like printing services and what not. I honestly havent used it yet, but if they were as professional as they were with the website, then I'm sure all their other services are top notch!

Brian S, Owner of Deeda Salon/ Manager of Mortgage Magic

I have used Ondemand Website a few years now for multiple businesses and they are great. They are wonderful to work with and are very creative. They helped me customize my sites beyond my own imagination. I would highly reccommend using Ondemand Websites if you would like a website that reflects well on your business.

David V, Entrepreneur - Mulitple business

Ondemand has created four websites for our various businesses. We've been very pleased with their professionalism. They were very proactive, asking all of the right questions and understanding our needs even better than us. They are efficient and deliver the sites on time at a very reasonable price. We've used oversea companies to save money initially only to cost us more since they cannot deliver what we wanted. I highly recommend this company to anyone who's looking for an amazing website.

Valentina T., Co-founder of Berrylious

WOW! I can't say enough about OnDemand's superior customer service...having a strong professional team that worked with me, took the time to listen to my needs, understood how my company operates and at the end, did an exceptional job designing my website. What a wonderful experience from the beginning to the end! Since they created my website, my revenue has increased substantially. If you are looking for a unique, creative, eye-catching website, give OnDemand a try...you will not be disappointed!

Evan V, Owner of 13attle

I've been a customer for OnDemand for 2 years, and I can't say anything bad about it. They gave me a great design and great customer support, with no down time. OnDemand is the best place to get started on the internet.

Christine S., Founder of Knots of Love

OnDemand Website is the epitome of excellence in every way. There excellent customer service and design capabilities are unmatched. I have been a customer of OnDemand for over eight years and would recommend them without hesitation.

Cici G., Owner of Shop Cici

Thanks to the whole crew at Ondemand Website for making my website unbelievably great. They took my vision and made it better. They had such great ideas and followed through on every one of them. I highly recommend Ondemand Website because of their professionalism, great communication, very attentive to details and great ideas.

Brenda V., Actress

OnDemand Website is an amazing resource! As a client for over five years, I highly recommend their services to anyone and everyone! The best thing I like about their website services is that I can edit my website by myself-- I do not have to take the time to contact a website designer or pay any extra money to make changes-- and when I make changes, they automatically update in real time. I can change what I've written, I can add/change pictures, also change colors and templates. I really like having the ability to make these changes myself and not having to pay additional money to do so. OnDemand Website is very user-friendly and straightforward-- and if I can do it, I think just about anyone can ;) But when I do have questions, or need any additional help, their staff has always been very friendly, accessible, and knowledgeable.


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